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Will this car be used for any other purposes than fulfilling the mission?  No. Michéal owns another car (2018 Ford transit Connect) which is his daily driving car.

How many ‘Joy Rides’ does the foundation plan to offer? – 26. From the first week of May, until the last week of October. One ‘Joy Ride’ per week depending on the weather.

Can a sponsor advertise their participation in a ‘Joy Ride’? – Yes. The sponsor can create large magnets of their brand logo that can be placed on the doors and trunk of the Miata.

Can someone sponsor or donate one Joy Ride project? - Yes! please contact us for more details. 

Will the foundation and driver have adequate insurance? – Absolutely! The Miata is insured with Sneed Insurance. Sneed is a specialty insurance company that insures Classic cars, Hot Rods and Rare foreign/domestic cars. To qualify, a policy holder has to provide proof that their roadster is a secondary vehicle and a limit of 5000 miles can only be driven in a given year.

Is the Mazda Miata a safe car? – Yes. The Miata does better safety-wise than many people think. And the good handling can help avoid a crash instead of being in one. However, stats show that it’s a safe car to drive if involved in an accident. See the NHTSA stats. There is a reason why our insurance cost is pretty inexpensive on a Miata. The insurance companies take into account the propensity of drivers in Miata’s to get into accidents, and the average cost per accident. So if this is low, obviously the Miata isn’t completely unsafe.

How can a Patient apply for a test drive Joy Ride? The Patient must submit a letter accompanied by the family physician's letter request to be contacted for a further reveiw.

How can the patient be screened for depression? We suggest you visit this site for further information and then contact your family doctor.

Where can someone find out more about depression? We've found this site to be very informative. Happy reading!

Where can I read more about the Mazda Miata? Check out this link 

For more information and take a short ‘Joy Ride’ test drive please contact:

michéal CASTALDO
308 West 30th Street #2A
New York, NY 10001

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